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How to Start a Business

In this free course you will learn how to start a business from scratch. We teach you about business plans, trademarks, how to get incorporated, Tax ID numbers and more.

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How to Start a Business Demo Lessons

Welcome to Growth Skills. Please check out these free demo videos that are part of our How to Start a Business course. This course was taught at Baruch College in New York city and is free if you sign up to the site. The reason it is free is because we don’t want you to make the mistakes that our founder made when he started his first business in college. It cost time and money that he didn’t have. Luckily he learned how to start and run a business and created this course to teach you how to do the same. Make sure you sign up for the full course and take notes. Enjoy!

Meet Your Instructor,

Lavall Chichester Bio

Lavall Chichester is a growth focused digital marketer who has helped brands make millions of dollars on and off line. He made Ad Age’s 2015 40 Under 40 list for turning the search group at Profero into a muti-million dollar business in less than a year. He has 13+ years of developing digital marketing strategies for brands like Apple, Western Union, the NBA, Kaiser Permanente,Vitamin Water and others.Lavall is a second-degree Black Belt, a bare-knuckle Karate Champion and practices Full Contact Digital Marketing for his clients. He is a digital marketing educator who has lectured at NYU, Baruch, Brooklyn College and taught advanced digital strategies to key stakeholders in major brands.

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    2004 Started in digital marketing & founded Footnote Films
  • 2012 Built the Local Search Product & helped LocalVox get acquired by the Yellow Pages
  • 2015 Turned the Search Group at Profero into a multi-million dollar business in less than a year
  • 2015 Made Ad Age 40 under 40 list

How to Start a Business FAQ

Our How to Start a Business Course teaches you what you need to know to launch your own business. We cover making a business plan, the differences between corporate structures like LLC and S-Corps, Tax IDs, Trademarks, how to hire staff, branding and more.

The only thing you need to start a business is a solid idea around a product or service that you think people will pay you for. Once you have that this course will show you some of the other things that you will need to actually start the business. Some of those things are a Tax ID number, a business bank account, a business name, a business logo etc. When you are done with the course you will have a full understanding of everything you need to launch a business including where to find on going business knowledge and inspiration.

Start up costs around a small business varies depending on the type of business you want to start. This course will teach you how to launch a business with limited money and resources. It will help you focus on what is important and also Learn how to build a business plan so you can raise money from investors if that Is something you want to do.

Growth Skills is a social learning platform built to teach you the skills to grow your career and business. Learning how to start a business is only the beginning. This course is free but some of our paid courses like SEO 101 or How to Build a WordPress website will teach you how to build and optimized your own business website to get traffic and increase sales. Having an understanding of these skills will help you hire and manage people to do the work if you don’t want to do it yourself.

This course is free because Growth Skills founder who teaches this course had no help when he started his first business in college. He wished he had a free resource to help him learn about launching a business before he made a bunch of mistakes. He wasted a ton of money because he had no guidance and does not want that to happen to you. He has learned a lot about starting and growing a business since then and wants to pass that knowledge on to you.

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