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The Growth Skills team is made up of award winning Growth Marketing experts who are great human beings.


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Leadership Team

The Growth Skills team is made up of technology company veterans who understand what it is like working in-house at a brand. They are also a team of advertising agency veterans who have worked for, built  and helped sell large well known advertising agencies. They have worked for iconic brands like Apple, Harley Davidson, JetBlue, Kaiser Permanente, Remy Martin and others. They have joined forces to combine their skills to help the Growth Skills clients and owned brands grow.

Hristina (Tina) Mangelova

Hristina (Tina) Mangelova

Andrei Ivanoff

Andrei Ivanoff

Head of Creative Technology

There are two core relationships in Nature:
Symbiotic and Parasitic

Human’s and Corporations can choose to be either.

We chose symbiosis.

We believe in building symbiotic relationship of mutualism. Helping you grow will help us grow.
Honesty and understanding should inform communication in all relationships.

Lamont Accepting US Search Awards
Growth Skills COO: Lamont Chichester accepting U.S Search Award for Most Innovative SEO Campaign (2022)
  • Our products and services work. They will help you build awareness, generate leads and increase your revenue.
  • We will never tell you we can do something and then don’t or can’t do it.
  • Our people are smart, kind and hard working
  • We won’t cheat you, we will treat you well, and  we will probably make you laugh a lot
  • Our Protege+ Program will supply the future of work.
  • Our Proteges all learn that you can be kind and still amazing at your job.
  • We get results! That’s why the 85% of our business is based on referrals.

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