eLearning for business – 14 important statistics [Infographic]

What is eLearning eLearning is the means of acquiring skills using online learning platforms. These platforms offer various types of training usually with videos, quizzes, certifications, games and other means of interactivity built in. The best eLearning platforms allow you to track your progress,  learn complimentary skills, and are easy to use. Check out these […]

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5 Essential Excel tips – Plus one sneaky Excel trick that should be considered spy tradecraft

There are tons of articles with great Excel tips and tricks but I assure you none will cover my one sneaky technique I use to find info I’m not suppose to have. 😊Yaaaaaaassss! Excel is one of the most useful tools in the world. Some people hate Excel and some people love it but regardless of […]

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How to Buy a Domain Name, Use GoDaddy’s Conversion Tactics Against Them to Get It Cheaper

I learned how to buy a domain name and hosting while I was a broke College student. I got pretty good at finding great domain names using keyword research and SEO butI got even better at finding those domain names for cheaper. In this article i’ll show you not only how to buy a domain name but […]

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Team Building, Hire Ants to Grow Your Brand and Business

Teaming building is one of the most important aspects of growing a brand or business. Learning how to find good employees is a craft and something I’ve focused on for a while. I’ve used nature as my guide and found that if you hire Ants your business will flourish. To be clear when I say […]

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How To Get A Job In Advertising, 4 Simple Tips

Are you looking to learn how to get a job in advertising so you can join the ranks of this glorious industry? Then look no further because I’ve put together 4 tips that will help you break into ad land. The advertising industry has always had a reputation for glamour and big bucks and there […]

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