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Brands Are Suffering From a Growing Skills Gap

Learning Transformation

In a report by the Economist Intelligence Unit

94% of surveyed executives said their organizations had a moderate or severe digital skills gap.

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Without the right skills on their teams, even the longest-standing companies risk becoming obsolete. It’s why nearly 50% of the S&P 500 will disappear over the next 10 years.

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The Three Stages of Learning Transformation

According to Professor David A. Garvin of the Harvard Business School there are three stages that employees pass through in an effective Learning Organization

1. Cognitive

Members of the organization are exposed to new ideas, expand their knowledge, and begin to think differently.

2. Behavioral

Employees begin to internalize new insights and alter their behavior.

3. Performance

with changes in behavior leading to measurable improvements in results: superior quality, better delivery, increased market share, or other tangible gains.

Learning IQ Was Built To Compliment These Stages

How The Process Works

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Learning IQ Stages


Assess the current state of learning using Learning IQ Assessment Matrix. Use this to guide the overall strategy. Learn more below


Create a Learning IQ Improvement Plan (L.I.I.P). This will lead the strategy.


Build curriculum, courses, LMS, process and anything needed to improve learning outcomes.

Better Learning Organization

Staff Learning Stages


This cognitive stage is where employees learn new skills. This improve their performance.


This behavioral stage is where employees are using what they learned. They apply the new skills to business problems.


Behavioral change leads to improved work performance. This drives more discovery to advance training.

Learning IQ: Assessment Matrix

The Learning IQ assessment matrix focuses on three areas to improve your companies ability to create a learning org.

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