Free SEO Training Course: Fundamentals 101

In this free SEO 101 beginners course you will learn the basics of search engine optimization. We cover theory, on-page SEO, off-page SEO, keyword research, content and more. You also get downloadable course presentation to keep forever
Lavall · November 28, 2017

SEO Training Course

This free SEO training course is a beginners guide to search engine optimization. It covers the fundamentals of this important marketing channel.

Free SEO Training Course, What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the process of analyzing and then improving elements on and off a website, app, video, image and other types of content to improve their visibility on search engines like Google.

Why learn SEO in this Course?

This SEO Course was created by an SEO expert who has done SEO for brands like Apple, Western Union, Harley Davidson and more. It is built to help you learn the general concepts of SEO so you can then progress to more advanced topics like doing an SEO Audit, Building a website on WordPress and Advanced Keyword Research.

Brands like Casper, TripAdvisor, Facebook and even Google have used SEO to grow and dominate multibillion dollar industries.

Also this course is free so you have nothing to lose. We also have tons of other free courses you can take after you finish this course.


why learn seo



Learning SEO will give you a strong foundation on:

  • How the internet works
  • How and why people search
  • How websites work
  • How to get traffic and visibility to any type of content
  • How to increase leads and sales on a website
  • How to increase downloads of an app
  • Teach you how to use data to create content that people want

SEO will also make you better at all other aspects of digital marketing

What’s in this SEO Beginners Course?

In this course we cover:

  • Why search is a human behavior
  • Why SEO is important
  • Contents role in SEO
  • Off-Page SEO
  • On- Page SEO
  • Keyword Research
  • Free and Paid SEO Tools

SEO Statistics:

SEO 101 Statistics

Searching is a human behavior. When we were cave people and we were hungry we crawled out of our caves and searched for food. Mobile phones and search engines make this easier so people search more.

Google handles at least:

  • Searches per Second: 63,000
  • Searches per Minute: 3.8 Million
  • Searches per Hour: 228 Million
  • Searches per Day: 5.5 Billion
  • Searches per Month: 167 Billion
  • Searches per Year: 2 Trillion

Downloadable SEO Presentation

This is the course material you can download and use as a reference guide.

SEO Training Course

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