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The Challenge

Growth Skills needed a way to help cannabis, CBD and alcohol brands reach their audiences. Brands in these industries face lots of advertising regulations so it is very hard to reach these customers. For example GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) launched a CBD brand and needed help reaching the cannabis and CBD audience online. They gave us a great advertising budget to spend on Google and Facebook ads but we could not spend the money to reach the audience. It is a big problem but we saw it as a huge opportunity.

The Solution

Our solution was to build our own publishing platform called FlavorFix.com to help brands reach the cannabis, CBD and alcohol consumers. We used our SEO & Content Marketing  methodology to research, write and optimize articles so these searchers can find us organically on Google. We then used Email Marketing to convert the traffic into a growing database of cannabis, CBD and alcohol consumers. Now cannabis, CBD and alcohol brands can reach these audiences by advertising on Flavor Fix. As, well as letting the Growth Skills team use this proven SEO, Content & Email Marketing playbook for themselves. We now rank on the first page of Google for terms like “Weed Strains”

The Results


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Dispensary Launch Partner

“Flavor Fix is a great idea that is perfectly timed.You’ve got cannabis legalization forging ahead in the states. The reality that it is extremely difficult to advertise brands and products in these categories online, and the fact that no site currently offers anything to people interested in both cannabis and spirits.”
Bali Vaswani
Founder / CEO of Kaya Herb House