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The Challenge

The Girl Scouts wanted to build a publishing platform focused on empowering  women. They wanted to ensure that the Content Strategy would help increase website traffic by showing up on important keywords that women were searching for.

The Solution

Growth Skills started by giving technical SEO recommendations that made sure  the website had the ability to rank well on search engines. This included ADA compliance recommendations to make sure accessibility was also considered. We then worked with the core Content team to build a process around research, ideation, optimization and publishing of hundreds of articles a month. The results were exceptional.

The Results


Increased Advertising Revenue


Keyword Rankings Growth


Increase Website Traffic

The Client

"It was a pleasure working with the Growth Skills team. They were fast, responsive, and highly knowledgeable about search engine optimization. They helped us optimize 200 articles for the launch of a new publishing website for the Girl Scouts. They also gave us technical recommendations to ensure that our new platform was built to perform well on search engines. We highly recommend working with them for your SEO needs."
Christine Butler
Head of Digital, Circle Around