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Lavall Lchichester · November 16, 2018

What is Native Advertising?

Native Advertising  is the process of distributing content on publishing websites like Forbes, TheNextWeb etc in a manner that looks like everyday content. Native Advertising was created as a way to display ads in a more natural manner on websites. This helps create a better user experience for site visitors while still allowing advertisers to get their message out.

Why learn about Native Advertising?

Native ads are popular and an effective way for brands to reach users when they are browsing content that relates to their products or services.

 About this Free Native Advertising Micro Course

In this short Native Ads micro course we teach you what Native Advertising is and why it  is important. The course video is followed by a short quiz so you can earn coins and a badge for taking the course.

Native ads are promotional material that looks and feels like organic content. Designed in the style and format of the platform on which it appears. Native advertising is placed directly into the users’ news feed. Typically, these ads are labeled as “sponsored”. Native ads come in different formats – articles, videos, promoted tweets, suggested posts and more.

The content of the ads is valuable and targets a specific audience. Unlike traditional advertisement, native ads discreetly offer the information rather than directly promote a product. This is where native advertising looks like content marketing.

However, there is a distinct difference between the two. Content marketing is based on owned media, while native advertising is based on renting someone else’s media space.

Brands love native advertising, because its conversion rates are much higher and the costs lower than those of traditional banner ads. Plus people hate banner ads, that’s why they never click on them and usage of ad blockers is on the rise.

  • In fact, native ads will be responsible for 74% of all ad revenue in the U.S. by 2021 (1).
  • Spending on native ads will reach $21 billion in 2018, rising from $4.7 billion in 2013 (2).

In August 2014 The New York Times published the article, which was sponsored by Netflix to promote the release of the second season of the “Orange Is the New Black” series.  The article covered the challenges women faced in prison – the issues that were highlighted in the Netflix show. The publication paired interactive imagery and video with text and slideshows and was among most-trafficked articles on in 2014, while the show received four Emmy nominations.

Native advertising can be highly effective if performed properly. If you integrate it with content marketing and paid search then it becomes even more powerful. Grow these skills so you can get to the next level in your career.


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