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Lavall Lchichester · November 16, 2018

Digital marketing is promoting a product or service using digital technologies. The purpose of digital marketing is to connect a company with its current and prospective customers via digital channels like a website, social media, apps, email and now Alexa Skills.

Unlike traditional marketing, digital marketing is hyper-targeted, measurable and interactive. Modern technologies allow digital marketers to target very specific audience, measure campaigns’ results in real time and interact directly with customers in many ways.

Digital marketing is on the rise. Today, when smartphone ownership and Internet usage continues to grow, companies around the globe are increasingly making digital marketing their primary focus:

  • 70% of advertisers plan to further increase their digital marketing budgets in 2018 (2);
  • In the U.S., the demand for digital marketers has more than doubled since 2011 with the average salary 25% higher of those without digital skills (3).

Innovative and interactive digital marketing delivers incredible results.

In 2009 Pizza Hut had minimal presence in the digital world. To attract young and tech-savvy audience, the company created a super-interactive iPhone application allowing users virtually build their own pizza.

People would choose a type of crust in the scroll wheel, “pinching” to select size, and dragging-and-dropping toppings onto the pizza. If a customer added too many toppings, the pizza would explode and toppings would go flying across the screen.

The company advertised the new app online, in print, and on TV –even winning a placement in Apple’s own iPhone commercial.

As a result, Pizza Hut’s iPhone app generated $1 million in food orders within three months and $1 million downloads of the app within eight months.

Digital marketing is a hot mixture of technology, entertainment and pure fun. Invest in growing your digital marketing skills. Take our SEO 101 course or learn how to build a website on WordPress. You will not regret it.


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